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We don’t believe that fault management customers are realizing the value they should from their vendors’ offerings so we’ve launched RiverMuse to bring a fair deal to the market.
RiverMuse represents a Revolution, it's a commodity open source Fault Management system, where the benefits always outweigh its total cost of ownership!

RiverMuse is the free alternative to IBM Tivoli Netcool, IBM Tivoli, and HP OpenView brought to you by the original founding team of Micromuse and RiverSoft. Come join the revolutionary RiverMuse Community in delivering the mother of all fault management solutions that goes where no network management offering has gone before.

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What is Event Management
Find out what Event Management means to your operations.

Not all Event Managers are Equal
Simple architectural differences create genuine cost savings.

Total Cost of Ownership
Will the implementation of Event Management actually save you.

Value of Event Management
How Event Management offers the link between tools and process.

Types of Event Manager
Get past the hype to understand what the market is offering you.

RiverMuse Revolution
Why does RiverMuse offer so much more than traditional platforms.

RiverMuse Architecture
Description of RiverMuse components.

Use of Proven Technologies
The value of using proven and robust Open Source components.

Business Process Escalation
Tightly integrating RiverMuse into your operational processes.

RiverMuse Strategy
Why RiverMuse will always offer value and accountability.

RiverMuse User Interface
How RiverMuse’s has been optimized for User Experience.

Administration and Extensibility
How to maintain, configure and accountably enhance RiverMuse.

The RiverMuse Goals
RiverMuse’s Project was born out of necessity.

RiverMuse FreeCool Edition
A completely maintained Event Management system in a box, free.

RiverMuse FactoryCare
Professional Customer Support offered globally and 24/7.

RiverMuse CoolSource Edition
Make your own RiverMuse using the RiverMuse source code.

RiverMuse ProCool Edition
Low TCO, highly robust, resilient and scalable, fully accountable platform.

RiverMuse CommunityCare
There’s always someone available locally or in your timezone to help.

RiverMuse for Telco & MSPs
Value from integration into OSS and BSS platforms and processes.

RiverMuse for Utilities
Cost effectively maintaining Smart metering, IP infrastructure and SCADA.

RiverMuse for Investment Banking
Integrating Legacy and IP infrastructure monitoring.

RiverMuse in the Enterprise
RiverMuse at the heart of your operations escalation processes.

RiverMuse in Defense and Government
Increased efficiencies and operational value through.

RiverMuse in Education
Learn, develop, innovate, market and reduce operational costs.

Configuration Support Forum
As the Community for development and integration tips and tricks.

Market Place Forum
RiverMuse doesn’t do it? Ask the Community to develop it for you.

Replacing Tivoli TEC Forum
So you want to migrate from Netcool Omnibus, ask the Community how.

Developer Support Forum
Ask the Community questions on mediation, filtering and correlation.

Replacing Netcool Forum
So you want to migrate from Tivoli TEC, ask the Community how.

Education Forum
Find help with your RiverMuse Training requirements.

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