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We are Promethyan Labs

You have an idea for a commercial technology concept. Where can you turn for help transforming your concept into successful company while avoiding the traps that impede your progress?

Promethyan Labs’ goal is to help entrepreneurs like you navigate the most challenging phase of any business; from concept to commerce.

Founded by three technology industry veterans who have created, launched, and globalised numerous technology startups of our own, we specialize in helping transform infrastructure software and web-based concepts into companies, for no other reason than this market is what we best understand.

What we do

Stage One: The Consumable Concept. Ideally we work with entrepreneurs at the concept stage of their ventures, helping refine market consumable ideas by providing technical, strategic, commercial and financial insight. We then help structure the entrepreneur’s company and capitalize the business.

Stage Two: Building the prototype, go to market, financial and resource plans for the business. Whether writing code, building financial spreadsheets, marketing strategies or making sales calls, we have done it before, we love doing it, and we just do it.

Stage Three: Go To Market, working with the entrepreneur we assemble engineering and commercial resources, facilitate delivery to blue chip customers for rigorous testing, and help position the company to secure future growth capital.

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