Prelert finds the answer to service degradation incidents in minutes
Reduce the frequency and duration of service affecting incidents by 90%

In today’s virtualized, dynamic and highly resilient service delivery infrastructures, there are still catastrophic, business impacting service disruptions and they are even harder to resolve.

IT environments have advanced to the point where single points of failure are less likely. But their growing complexity has increased the likelihood that a subtle change in any component will have a ripple effect that leads to calamity.

As a result, enterprises and service providers must routinely convene 'war rooms' to identify the cause of these incidents and restore services. They commit their best expert resources, for days at a time to the error prone and time consuming examination of hundreds of gigabytes of IT management systems’ output looking for a needle in a haystack.  Meanwhile, IT projects stall, financial performance is degraded and corporate reputation is damaged.

Prelert has a better idea! Our Incident Cause Analysis software employs advanced pattern detection algorithms, used in DNA sequencing the human genome, to quickly and accurately analyze terabytes of IT incident data.  Our product self-learns how IT resources interact and quickly identifies the causal chain of events behind service incidents. 

Founded in 2008 by the technologists behind Micromuse & Riversoft, (products now core to IBM Tivoli), Prelert’s management has grown to be a ‘who’s who’ of experts assembled from the network, systems, security and service management industries.

Prelert’s solution has proven its applicability across a diverse set of environments, including market data systems, Web-based applications, internal network applications, and online banking systems.

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